An Introduction

Oh, hi there! If you haven’t read the ‘About Me’ section, I’m Mia (candid photo for reference above) and I’m an avid traveler and foodie. Firstly, blogging is not my life. I work full time in a corporate environment (fun times!). My corporate life ain’t so bad, but I decided to start this blog as a new hobby and a creative outlet, as well as share my passions to the rest of the world.

I imagine you stumbled upon my website because you’re just like me – a very hungry travel addict! Well, hopefully you’re in for a treat! Throughout your time here, I aim to share with you some of my globetrotting stories (starting with Australia, of course), amazing cuisines from different cultures and certainly lots of beautiful photos! I want to ignite whatever it is inside you to you to go out and see the world more. Hence my tagline, ‘ignite your wanderlust and your inner fatty!’

Anyway, I just thought I would start off with something short and sweet. Thank you all for reading this. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below!


PS: Don’t forget to check out my Instagram feed: @seeyasomewhere

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