Seeyasomewhere in Amsterdam: The 7 things you may not know!

Lately, I have been posting photos on my Instagram of the time I was in Amsterdam. So it got me thinking… I thought why not write a few must know things about some cities I’ve been to just to give you an idea and help you when you visit these places too!

So shall we start here then?

1. English is a common language

Being well versed in Dutch is not a requirement here. You can definitely get by with just plain ol’ English. Everyone at cafes, restaurants, stores, maybe even grandmas on the street speaks the universal language fluently.

2. Watch out for cyclists

Amsterdam is a city Β of cyclists. I actually think I noticed more of them than I did of cars! My tip would be stay off the bicycle lanes and watch out when you step off the side walk. Look to your left, right, look for them everywhere! I cannot tell you how many times I got honked at or almost had a collision because I wasn’t watching where I was going (haha, fun times)!

3. Pre-book your museum tickets

Just like any other city flocked by tourists during peak season, the lines to museums are extremely long. If you don’t have much time to here spare, DO NOT make the awful mistake of turning up to a place like the the Anne Frank Huis without a pre-booked ticket because you will simply regret it. Trust me, that line will not get any shorter so pre-book that ticket and go straight ahead in front of the queue.

4. “Coffee shops”

A coffee shop in Amsterdam is simply not your regular coffee shop that will serve you a soy cappuccino. If you don’t already know, Amsterdam is a place where they freely sell cannabis and other light drugs; these are what you’ll find in coffee shops.

If this is something you want to try, especially if you haven’t tried this before, have a careful look at their board or have a chat with someone in store because you might find that the stuff you’ll find here may be stronger than the stuff you’ll find at home. Just take it easy on this one!

5. Red Light District

We all know about the Red Light District (or De Wallen). Walking through this area, I remember feeling a bit unsafe, however nothing bad ever happened to me here. It is actually a controlled part of the city and therefore not a dangerous place to stay and explore.

One tip I would give you though is don’t pull out your camera to try take photos of the girls in the windows. They will literally scream at you and tell you off for doing it!

6. Carry an umbrella at all times

Weather is fickle in Amsterdam – it kinda reminds me of London or Melbourne. One minute it’s nice and sunny then next minute the grey skies start rolling in. I’ve been caught in the rain a few times so I’m telling you to carry an umbrella (or a rain jacket) so you don’t have too!

7. Carry some cash

The currency in Amsterdam is the Euro. You can go about travelling here with your credit card alone, however, most places also takes cash. Plus you’ll need cash if you need to use the bathroom because public toilets have a small ‘entry fee’. This is not common where I’m from (Australia) but at least you’ll be sure the toilets are very clean!

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? What are your tips for travelling here? Comment below and let me know what you think!


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