Seeyasomewhere in Little Bay Beach, NSW

It’s summer in Australia and lately, we have been spoilt with plenty of very hot days. So what’s a Sydney-sider to do during these hot days? Go out to one of our many beaches of course!

James and I have been snorkelling quite a bit recently. If you google ‘snorkelling spots in Sydney’, chances are Little Bay beach will pop up in your search results.

Little Bay Beach is approximately a 20-minute drive from Sydney CBD. If you arrive here early enough, there are plenty of spaces to park your car in. To get to the beach, you’ll first bypass a chapel and a golf course and walk down a steep wooden staircase. Once you get down the stairs, you’ll be greeted by the clear blue ocean water.

This beach is great for beginner snorkellers because it is surrounded by rocky headlands, which makes the water super calm. Kids snorkel around here, so you know it’s safe. Oh, and another great thing about this beach is that it’s known to be one of Sydney’s cleanest beaches!

We’ve mainly seen a school of little fish. We haven’t seen any big fish come by. I’m sure they are around though because people fish around the area. It’s still a good experience!

Here are some photos and a video taken during our recent visit…

Golf course surrounding the beach!


Little Bay Beach – view from the top


Hot summer’s day…


Scratched our action cam case, hence the photo is blurry 😦

See ya all in my next post!




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