Photo taken at Wanaka, New Zealand‘Seeyasomewhere.com’ is a travel and food blog created by me to inspire others to get out there, explore the world (or even just your neighbourhood) and eat everything along the way!


Hey there! I’m Mia and I am the content creator of this blog.

Firstly, I am not a professional writer or blogger – you’ll probably know that from reading my posts – but I do love writing. I used to make myself so proud when I could write my uni essays in a few hours before it’s due and still get pretty good marks (kids, don’t try this at home). I also love taking (amateur) photos! I do have a day job that keeps me busy but I really wanted a creative outlet, so there’s no other better way to do that than write, photograph and share the two things I’m passionate about – travelling and eating!

I had my first taste of overseas travel when my family and I moved from Manila to Sydney. From that first plane ride, I knew I  was hooked! I had to travel the world. But my desire to travel the world didn’t really start there. It started when I was very young. Both my parents went overseas for work quite a bit, and when they came back, they each had their own stories to tell. I still remember my mum telling me about Paris; how beautiful it was and how she wished her children would be fortunate enough to see it one day. I made sure that it was one of the places I would visit when I went to Europe.

Currently, I’m still based in Sydney, but I have now been to a few countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania.


James at Jeju, South KoreaAlthough this is my blog and my experiences, 99% of the time I will have my partner-in-crime James in tow! We both seek new places to explore… Well I look for places, and he happily tags along! He’s also here to help me take photos – because sometimes when I’m too short for a certain angle I want (haha)!

We both love food a lot… We like to make sure we always find the best places to eat – whether they’re cheap meals or fine dining. Not really happy campers if we don’t get fed well!

Anyway, grab your passports and bring your empty stomachs…

We’ll see ya somewhere… on our next adventure!